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Successful 3 Way Call Script (Part 1)

Tweet You to your upline: “I’ve got someone on the other line who just listened to the overview call (or website) and says has a concern about _____. This prospect could have some potential. However, I think I’ll need your backup on this one. Are you ready?” Merging The Call: “___ you back with me?

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2 Money Making Habits

Tweet Today, I talk about 2 habits that make you a lot of money in this business. Just coming out of Christmas and moving into the new year, it’s about that time where you get rid of the old and making room for the new. Here’s the link for the “100 Day Business Builder Challenge”

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2 MAJOR TIPS on getting leads with your article, youtube video, or post.

Tweet Winning with Facebook & YouTube in 2014 (part 1 of 3) Everyday, I get emails and calls from people who complain about how in the past, they’ve shot a few videos or posted an article on their blog and they didn’t see the kind of results that they were expecting.   This is usally

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The best way to generate leads for your MLM

Tweet Generating qualified leads for your Network Marketing Business is considerably harder than most people make it seem. I’m not gonna lie, The marketplace is very competitive nowadays and the personal branding is through the roof. Believe me, I’ve been generating leads for my Business for the last handful of years. It’s a different game

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3 Quick Tips To Attract NEW Customers For Your Business

Tweet Customers. That’s where it’s at. That’s where “walk away, residual income” lives. Here are 3 Quick Tips to Attract NEW Customers for your Business: 1) Tell potential customers that you are looking for a NEW “Before & After” project. Comment: Believe it or not, most people love the opportunity to be a part of

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How to stick to your goals & hit it

Tweet If you haven’t figured it out by now, setting goals isn’t all that hard. It can be challenging to set them because it takes a you out of your comfort zone for a little while. Let’s be honest though, how many people do you know that set goals and got excited for a minute

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Are You Really Failing In Network Marketing? Let’s Find Out.

Tweet I’ve been talking with a number of folks this week who are struggling in their Business. I was talking with this lady and she asked me, “Why do so many people fail in this industry?” I thought about it for a minute. Something about what she asked didn’t really sit well with me. It

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How You Can STOP Negativity Dead In It’s Tracks

Tweet ***by the way, if you are still wondering how I generated 400 BMW’s in my business in less than 24 months, visit my website**

If your upline sponsor doesn’t know what they are doing

Tweet this can really suck if this is true. Crazy thing about it is.. It is. Many many times. The great thing about this industry is that it doesn’t have to be your indicator of how successful you’ll be in Business. Here’s my newest video that I made for all you eager beaver Networkers with

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“What If I’m Not Making Money In My MLM?” What To Say…


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