Empower Network; David Sharpe Steps Downs As Co-Founder


Due to high levels of Hepatitis-C, David Sharpe announced a few weeks back that he would step down as Empower Network Co-Founder.

In his eMail out to the affiliates of EN he stated:

“The most common question I’ve gotten from people is “why don’t you just take a few months off and come back when you’re all healed up?”. I considered that. However, as a fellow over-achieving, action taking, hustling, roll-your-sleeves-up and get-r-done kind of person – you can probably understand – there is no “medium speed” for me. I’m either “all in” or ”all out”.
Right now my life is depending on my self-honesty, and my attention needs to be 100% focused on my health.”

Our prayers go out to David Sharpe as he battles this illness.

FG Xpress Opportunity Review; Power Strip MLM


Founder: Ron Williams
Company Founded: 2014
Annual Sales Revenue:

The company itself is actually the sister company to a pretty well established, publicly traded Company called Forever Green.  So this company is actually a start up opportunity that latched on to an established MLM company.  Most big leaders tend to stay away from “start ups” due to all the unstableness in the beginning stages.

The Product

The product is called Power Strips and is FDA listed to get rid of pain. They are made of material and can be worn for days because they have a water based material for the stickiness part of it. The product is derived from Phyoplankton.

The way it works is that you peel back the protectant covering of the thin strip to where the sticky part is out, you then place the sticky part onto the part of your skin that you feel the pain, then apparently you become “pain free”.

I’ve never personally tried it myself so I can’t say that it has worked for me. I’ve seen some testimonials online and personally haven’t talked to any folks who have tried it firsthand but I have a number contacts who are in the process of trying it out for the first time.  I’ll update you folks shortly.

Seems like the compensation plan is a typical Binary.
Here’s a quick video on the comp plan:

more to come..


Visi Global Review; Visi Product Review; Arctic CloudBerry


Visi was launched in Jan 2014.

visi global main page

visi global main page

Centered on the natural ingredients including the Arctic Cloudberry, Vísi products combine modern science, research and medicine.

Taken From Their Website:
The Arctic Cloudberry is ripened under the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun of Scandinavia. Completely natural, distinctly flavorful and highly prized for its nutritional value, the Arctic Cloudberry boasts extremely high levels of vitamins A, C, E and B, calcium, magnesium and ellagitannins and ellagic acid, which are potent antioxidants. The Scandinavian people have depended on the Arctic Cloudberry (also known as Scandinavian Gold) for centuries to promote health and natural beauty. Today, scientists and researchers continue to be amazed by the mighty nutrition available within this powerful berry.

It sounds very much like Kyani and the Super BlueBerry from Alaska, but it looks like a great company..


visi global traffic ranking jan 2014Seems like the Alex traffic ranking for Visi is on the upswing as of right now (Jan 2014) although a relatively low reach.  572,665 is pretty low. To rank in the 30K range in the UK is pretty substantially low as well.  All things being equal, it’s pretty unfair to give them a fair shot just yet because they are relatively new… We will see where they end up in 90 days.


Here’s another screen shot of the user engagement..

visi global user engagement / visi global reviews




EPIC Era Review; eCosway



The management team is lead by CEO, Glen Jensen, who has started a number of companies over the last 2 years and has had done very well. 2 of his companies have reached the leading 100 list of direct sales companies worldwide in regards to growth and revenue.

Glen is seen as the “Steve Jobs” of the network marketing occupation. He is understood for his development in product innovation, settlement and development plan engineering (he originated the hybrid binary model), and is an experienced CEO who’s companies have stretched over lots of countries around the globe.

Due to the fact that of Glen’s qualifications and experience, the CEO and Chairman of eCosway, have chosen to pass the baton to him to take the company to the next level, moving the head office and operations to the United States, and re-launching under the name, Impressive Period.


If you review the Impressive Period Earnings Strategy, combined with the infrastructure, product-line, and management in place, it is easy to see why numerous are believing Epic Era will be the next multi-billion dollar titan in the industry, and is established to strike a Billion in yearly sales in record time.

Several business in the past years have come close to doing over a billion in sales on an annual basis, however they have not had the ability to strike it that target and sustain it every year. Why is that? We believe Impressive Era has resolved the issues that have actually pestered various other companies.

Of all, let’s review the integrity of the Epic Period leadership tree. You’re not going to the company insert a leader into the structure after the fact. How would you like it if you were with a company for a year or two, and all of an unexpected someone new shows up in your upline?

In addition, Epic Age has actually created a $100 Million leader performance program, that is unlike other program in network marketing. You can make $5000– $20,000 in additional month-to-month earnings for up to 6 months by applying to be part of this program. This is an extra settlement component the matches the Earnings Plan and is developed for qualified leaders.


We want to round off with a quick Epic Era review of the product. In our viewpoint, wellness and individual care is where it’s at when it comes to network marketing items. You can sell almost anything in the network marketing profession from mobile/technology, services, travel, etc. however the one thing individuals get passionate about even more than anything is their wellness. When you do not have your health you actually observe it.

There is a common stating, “People invest the first half of their life spending their wellness to obtain their wealth and the last half of their life investing their wealth to get their health.” That doesn’t work out so well does it? There are many people that have had a bunch of cash and were unable to utilize it to recover their health.

The Epic Era products are preventative in nature. We’re not stating they cure anything, however we think that by taking proper care of our bodies, we can minimize our danger of certain illness and ailments. The products are extremely consumable, and are items individuals utilize on a day-to-day basis that will allow you to create a residual recurring regular monthly income.

We think Epic Era has actually addressed the problems that have plagued various other business.

In addition, Epic Era has actually produced a $100 Million leader performance program, that is unlike any other program in network marketing. We desire to complete off with a quick Epic Age review of the item line. The Impressive Era items are preventative in nature. The items are extremely consumable, and are items people make use of on a daily basis that will permit you to create a residual repeating regular monthly income.

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Purium Review; Weight Loss Product Scam??


Purium Health Products Review

The first thing I hear from most people is that Purium’s products are really expensive. I wanted to see the price tag for myself so I went and checked out what the cost was for someone to purchase their “10 Day Transformation”… $220.

purium 10 day transformation

What was interesting, was I noticed the $100 in Business Volume they were crediting that $220 (yikes) order before I noticed the actual price! but I’ll save that for the business review section.

I’ve never personally tried Purium product, however, just going from the reviews I pulled from a few different places online, here’s what I gathered about the taste of their shakes:

  • They have an Original Blend; Purium’s Power Shake™ was created so that you can easily consume several superfoods all at once, thus saving you time and money. Contains 1 full serving each of Organic Kamut Blend, Spirulina, Rice Bran Solubles, Aktivated Barley, and Carrot Juice [source http://www.phporder.com] $99.95
  • Apparently, they offer an Apple Berry Power Shake; Purium’s NEW Apple Berry Power Shake™ was created so that you can easily consume several superfoods all at once, thus saving you time and money. Contains 1 full serving each of Organic Kamut Blend, Spirulina, Rice Bran Solubles, Aktivated Barley, and Carrot Juice. $54.95 for 15 servings. [source http://www.phporder.com]

That’s certainly on the more expensive side of things when competing in the “Natural Protein Shake” market, but that’s just my opinion. Overall, It looks like a solid product.

Here’s a couple of paragraphs I pulled right off a website that was promoting Purium:

Purium has a comprehensive approach to wellness!
Purium is not a “one-hit-wonder” nutrition company. Real health and wellness takes a comprehensive approach and Purium offers dozens of healthy whole foods and whole food-based supplements that you just won’t find anywhere else. You can look at the product offerings of companies 100 times as large as Purium and you will not find cracked-cell chlorella, red marine algae, organic Spirulina, organic barley greens, organic Kamut, or most of our other pure and premium products.

Here’s a little bit from that site regarding the Purium Business Opportunity:

99% of the companies that market nutrition products go to someone else to get their products. Often times, Purium is that someone else. Purium’s products are so good, other nutrition companies come to them to produce their products. literally hundreds of companies over the past 19 years have used Purium’s ingredients, their manufacturing equipment, and their formulation expertise.But don’t worry, we save the best formulas for our Purium Distributors! By managing/owning the “farm to family” supply chain and doing away with the middleman, Purium can deliver the highest quality products for the lowest price. Real products that work! This creates a solid, stable business and a platform upon which you can build true, long-term residual income.

In my honest opinion, I’m sure Purium is a solid company.. Whether you are already buiding Purium or another Mlm company you need to know how to generate a steady stream of referrals like top producers in any company does. Here’s the system I’ve used to generate over $500K in just 2 years in my mlm. 

Purium Health Products
Purium Weight Loss
Purium Business
Purium Compensation Plan
Purium opportunity
News about purium

Tim Sharif Joins Nerium


Tim Sharif, joins the rank of Nerium.  His most recent company was in Visalus where he hit 5 Star fairly quickly.

He took a break for the last year or so.  Tim Sharif took his foot off the accelerator back in 2012 according to a recent discussion with him. One of the reasons he is really excited about this run with Nerium is because his brother, Mark Sharif has been doing exceptionally well there recently.

Tim also runs his own product company / call center that employs over 20 people in his staff.

One of the most powerful things about Tim is his connections within the industry and his ability to market across the internet.

Marketing online is a major portion of his success. Here is a system that can help the average person get online and market their opportunity to a very aggressive and niche market. 





Visalus Opens in Germany, Austria, & UK


Visalus Europe, Visalus Germany, Visalus Austria

Visalus has announced it’s pre launch in Europe. If you have contacts in these countries, you should really contact a visalus promoter or start plugging your contacts into the system.  Visalus will be official in Europe Feb __ so nothing will be published until then, but they already have troops on the ground moving.  The offices and corportate structures are already in place.  This is a really exciting time for the european expansion.


Body By Vi Austria; Body By Vi Germany; Body By Vi UK, Germany Challenge, Visalus Germany, Visalus Austria, Visalus Europe, Visalus UK, Project10 Germany, Project 10 Austria, Project 10 UK, New Visalus Countries.

Cedrick Harris Joins OrganoGold / Holton Buggs #1 MLM Earner


Cedrick Harris has joined OrganoGold.

Apparently, at the time of writing this article he is preparing to release his official
statement publicly about joining organogold and will be having a conference
call with the #1 earner in OrganoGold’s Compensation Plan, Holton Buggs.

Like I said, at this point this is just speculation but there is
one thing for sure, Cedric will absolutely kill it in OrganoGold.

He always does in whatever MLM company he joins.

How do people like Cedrick Harris (and many other top leaders in the mlm
industry) always seem to make big money FAST??

It’s because people like him do a couple very
important things… Here’s a great example (check this out)

We gathered some of the top leaders in the industry together
and asked them what they would do to create $3K in their
first 30 days. Check out what they said.


p.s… Here’s how I did it http://www.truemlmresults.com 

p.s… just in case you were wondering, i’m not in Organo Gold in any way. Good company though.

RCCV1 Network Marketing Opportunity Review


So about 9 months ago, this opportunity started to hit the internet circles. I’m gonna be as neutral as possible even though I’m very strongly opinionated on some of these topics, but we’ll just go with it. I was recently approached by a friend of mine about this company RCCV1 a little while ago. Right off the top I realized what this opportunity WAS and pretty much what it WASN’T but I decided to give it a fair review anyway.

Let’s take a look at the actual PRODUCT. What’s the pitch?
Here’s some bulletpoints directly from their website
over at rocketcashcycler.com:

RCC offers real products valued at over $2,000; State-of-the-art software for Internet marketers, and the life-changing Success Library.
Xsky The premier Skype organization-and relationship tool, xSky helps you reach out to that massive Skype list of yours.
Skyscraper: This a lead generation tool that locates network marketers by the thousands for you to market to. You simply upload them to Xsky and begin networking.
Success Library: Supposedly, you get over $2,500 in eBook / Audio book value if you were to have bought these courses on Amazon. Once again, I am not currently a member so I don’t have a FULL review on this product at this time.

Founder / CEO

Todd Hirsch, CEO…
Ok, so I’m gonna be as objective about this one as possible. About 9 months ago, there was a company called Bidify that supposedly went down in flames and totally caved in. The top person in that company was a guy by the name of, Todd Hirsch. Crazy thing is that about 9 months ago… is when RCCV1 was created.

Here’s a little video about some of the craziness that was going down there at this time…

Here’s what really interesting with the whole thing.. Troy refers to Todd heading over to the Philippines during the shooting of this video. The corporate office for RCCV1 is in Davao Philippines. Owned under RCC Worldwide Inc San Pedro, Beliz.

A lot of my subscribers are emailing me and asking if this company will be around long term. My guess is that you can forsee a lot of future with the past. If the past equals anything of the future with the track record of some of the folks involved along with type of program this is, there isn’t a long term opportunity here.

I’m not at all saying this company will get shut down or it’s illegal– rather, what I AM saying is that based on the type of program RCCV1 is, there is a high chance that there will be some snags sometime soon. It’s taking off in the U.S. …I know the type of customer service that folks here in the United States expect. A good test would be to try calling or contacting the customer service department at http://rccsupport.com …you can only submit a ticket. No phone lines.

Either way, you need to have a system to generate a steady flow of leads with qualified contacts that will help you explode your business. My suggestion is to have a system like this one that will get you 10-15 qualified leads in your inbox on a daily basis and teach you true marketing strategies that explode your presence in your marketplace.

Get out there and KILL IT in your Business!!


Nerium International –Review–


So, everyone knows that I ask the tough questions and get right to the point.
Let’s dig right in.

Let’s clear the air first: I am not a distributor of Nerium and make no
money whatsoever from Nerium for doing this review. I could care less
if you like or dislike this review.. so there you have it.

Let’s see what Nerium is:

They are a single product, skin care based MLM company.
That’s it, Plain and simple.

Are they a New Category Creator?

No. Infact, many will say that they aren’t that much different from
it’s most recent failed cousin, Bellamora with a bit of a
early Nuskin Twist to it as well, without any of the Nuskin growth.

Are They Exclusive?
Nowhere on their website at nerium.com does it say that the product
cannot be duplicated elsewhere. However, it does say that they
have a patent pending process on their extraction process of formulating
the “breakthrough” NAE-8 extract.

In simple english, that means..
They are waiting to get a patent that will give them the exclusive rights
to get the stuff from the Nerium Oleandar Plant in a way that nobody
else in the world can. If you want to bet your future on that, this might
be the opp for you.

That’s basically like saying..
We are waiting to get a patent from the U.S. government granting us exclusive
rights to squish pineapples in such a way that gives us the most amount of
juice, rather than giving us the “average amount of juice”.

That’s what companies like Xango, Tahitian Noni, etc… have done hoping that
no one would produce copycats. And there you go with Costco and Walmart
with their knockoffs with 80% cheaper prices than you.

getting a patent on a “process of extraction” is a gamble.
Now, if you feel differently and can show me another company that got the
patent on the “process” of their plant, fruit, seed, etc.. and NOBODY
produced a cheaper copycat knockoff than that would be impressive.

I’d still need to take a deeper look into that.

That being said, patenting a formula or technology is a little different.
But, just tell apple that.. and watch their competition come running
right behind them with the cheaper knockoff. It’s business. Always happens.

Ok, moving on..

How’s the comp plan:
Go take a look at Visalus’s comp plan trainings on YouTube and you are taking
a look at their comp plan. LOL..
Ok, let’s be fair..

So they have a 3×3 Matrix.. (that’s actually not visalus. They have unlimited width)
They have a “3 for FREE” program. Ok, that’s totally Visalus..
However, who hasn’t ripped that deal and used that as part of their comp plan now??!!
ummmm…Every MLM company in the MLM universe is doing that now. So, let’s be fair.

Weekly Fast Start Bonuses:
Yes. From what I’ve seen, they go from $50 to about $150 or $160.
Another one that everyone else has.

Still don’t see anything “alpha” in their comp plan that is a “first” that nobody
else offers, but please comment and inform me Nerium reps.

Lexus Car Program:
You’ve guessed it.. a low entry level car program at…(drum roll)..$12,500 in volume.
They pay out $500 to $1,000 in car bonus action ($1,000 at 3 Star).

RollOver Volume:
Yes, they even have rollover volume. Like I said, there is absolutely shameless
carbon copy of Visalus’s comp plan here..but who isn’t copying that nowdays?!
All things being even, Nerium is smart for pulling that one in.
You are able to roll over volume if you start on the 16th of the month.
Rollover months only apply to BRAND NEW distributors.

Do you need to jump through hoops??

I spotted a handful of hoops that would give someone a “shock and awe” the second
they experienced it first hand. Not gonna get in to detail about that here.
Every company’s comp plan has a hoop or two..some have more than others.

Just put it this way..
There is no way a company who is producing “no where near as much” (if that’s an
actual amount. LOL) as another company producing $60M-$80M a month
can run the same exact compensation plan and pay out the same amount dollar for
dollar to the field. Anyone who disputes that, obviously doesn’t know
simple comp plan mathematics and dynamics behind that and shouldn’t waste my
time by commenting and debating me below.

So, there has to be some hoops somewhere in there. It’s just simple logic.

Owners / Founders:

Jeff Olson and his family are basically running the ship there.
Jeff was a top producer over at Pre Paid Legal and created quite a little
fortune over there, so he did what many top producing reps do..
Start their own companies.

Great guy. Watched his videos when I used to be in Pre Paid.
Have no idea about how we actually runs his own Network Marketing Company
though. I guess time will tell.

They pre-launched back in September 2011. Still a very brand new company
so there’s another one that only time can tell. Obviously, those who jump
in now are gambling their future on this company. I used to think, “as
long as these guys are funded well, it’s all good. They can wade through
the maturation years.” Not true.

If they have investors, they will want to see their money coming back to
them ASAP. They don’t wanna “wait and be patient” until the company
matures to see their money come back to them.

If you think differently, go take a look at sooooo many others companies
that went under for that same reason. The most recent one would probably
be Bellamora in this case. Skin care product company. Pre launch.
Investors pulled out and said to take a hike. It was a sad story.

Sorry I’m not laying it out all nice and sweet. You are probably reading
this because you want to know the ugly truth about any company or
issues in this industry.

I’m not a multiple six figure earner in this industry because I don’t know
what I’m talking about. Well, that could be debated because there are quite a few
decent money earners in MLM who still don’t have a clue what they are
talking about but landed some good timing and good leaders.

At any rate…

If you see an opportunity to jump on board with Nerium, know that you
are taking a gamble, but do it. It’s a legitimate business model that can
make you money.

If you like doing skin care MLM’s, this would be the next hottest thing
for you and your crew.

If you are seeking good compensation plan action, these guys are fair in
their payouts. I will be keeping my eye on these guys and will be on it
the second I start hearing of delayed checks, etc…

For now, they have a clean slate with me.
I’ll be digging in and doing more research on these guys over time.

So, there you have it.

Now, let’s get real here for a second before I actually truly end this review.
Some of you might either love or hate me for saying this but…

No matter how good your product, service, comp plan, or company
owners are. If you don’t have a real system to market your business
and bring you a steady flow of experienced, qualified prospects into
your funnel, you will suffocate and choke in this business.

It doesn’t matter how many patents your deal has, If no one is looking at it
then you are dead in the water.

Take a look at my system I used to create a Strong 6 figure a year income
within my first few weeks and ran to the top of my comp plan within
63 days: http://www.truemlmresults.com

Again, that’s http://www.truemlmresults.com

One of the greatest things about knowing how to generate your own leads AT WILL… you spend your time sorting instead of chasing.

Get out there and kill it in your MLM business!!




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